Should School Start Later

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Oh man I am so tired! In some school’s they start at 8:00 and one school starts at 7:17 am. Most of the kids are still half asleep. How can you prevent this from happening. In the article, “Should School start later” By Lisa M. Herrington, it addresses the positives and the negatives of having school start earlier. In the video, “Should Students Start School Later in the Morning” by ABC Report it talks about why should school start earlier than it already is. In the infographic “Wake Up Call” by Sarah Mckibben it discusses that teens need 8.5 to 9.5 hours of sleep each night. This should absolutely be put into effect. In the article “ Should School Start Later” by Junior Scholastic, the times of school should start later because so students…show more content…
In the video it states “ I generally wake up at 5:45 to give me just enough time to get their but if I sleep forty five minutes I can be pushing that because every high school starts at 7:17.” ( 0:49 - 1:02). This shows that the high school students have to wake up so early in the morning at 2:00 pm. In the infographic “Wake Up Call” by Sarah Mckibben tells us that teen need at least eight to nine hours of sleep each day. Everyday people need sleep in the world even animals need sleep. Furthermore, but not everybody gets enough sleep everyday. Teens need eight to nine hours of sleep, but they sometimes sleep five to six hours of sleep each day. In the graphic it shows “Teens need 8.5 to 9.5 hours of sleep each day!” This shows that teens need abundant amount of sleep so they don’t fall asleep in school. Maybe, not all people agree with school’s should start later. Some people think that starting classes later in the day is expensive for school districts and cuts into time for activities and homework. This is not the case because students are NOT getting enough sleep each day. For example a senior at Columbia, Missouri had trouble getting out of bed because he only slept for five hours of
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