Should School Uniforms Be Worn

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Wearing uniforms is a debated topic talked about all over America, even across the entire world. I strongly agree that uniforms should be worn because it decreases the chances of bullying and creates a badge of pride and gives an identity for the school. Kids wearing their own clothes could cause more children to be bullied by others.Some kids might not even have clean wearable clothes, they could be torn or have holes in the fabric. The bullying could cause depression and in some extreme cases have lives be lost. When you send your child to school you want them to be in a safe learning environment and never want be in harm 's way, right? "Wearing a uniform is a badge of pride and creates an identity for the school," Chloe Spencer wrote. I completely agree with Chloe because many times schools can be taken out for competition from extracurricular activities or it could just be a simple field trip. No matter the occasion the students and staff will more likely be wearing school attire.While out in public people will be able to recognize which school they have come from. The students represent the school while outside of the premises and the uniform helps with that.…show more content…
Uniforms end the needs to be like everyone else, kids will not be judged based on clothing and there is always the weekends to express themselves. The uniforms will also save parents a great deal of money on clothing. Seventy-seven percent people who responded to a survey estimated the average cost for a uniform is about one-hundred fifty dollars for the entire year if the clothing is well taken cared of. According to a 2013 study from the National Retail Foundation, just back-to-school clothes cost about two-hundred-thirty-five dollars and shoes add about one-hundred thirty dollars to the plate. You can definitely see the difference in

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