Should Schools Be Able To Take Away A Student's Belongings?

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Should schools be able to take away a student's belongings? I got a text from my mom, as I went to read it the teacher took my phone right out of my hands. I asked her if I could text my mom back and she said no we are in the middle of class. A few hours passed and It was time to go home, i finally got my phone back and read your dad was in an accident and was headed to the hospital so I have to ride the bus home. But then I realized my bus had already left, it was cold that day and i had to walk three miles to get home. First of all teachers shouldn’t be allowed to take personal belongings away such as phones, computers, other accessories. Because what if there was an emergency like this one and you would have no way of knowing because, it was taken away. Other people…show more content…
If we get ours taken away, they should too, there is no point in doing that, it seems ridiculous right? Teachers get to have theirs because their older but is that fair we have as much right as them so why can’t we have ours on us and check them at times it’s just not fair. If this is a rule at school, then everyone should have to follow them. Finally phones on break? I think we should be able to have them during lunch or recess if you have it, teachers say we can have a phone in our lockers off, but while teachers are eating lunch they can be on them why can’t we? It’s honestly not a big deal. We are at school for 6 and a half hours what’s 30 mins out of that time we are on our phones, we have the right and so do teachers. Phones should not be taken away! We should be allowed to have them if you think this is wrong, then that’s your opinion, this is mine. We should try and make sure accesories don’t get taken and phones are allowed during breaks, personally this shouldn’t be a problem it’s not that big of a deal but teachers act like it is. Too many things get taken and phones are never allowed and it’s absurd. Teachers need to realize it’s not fair and cut us some
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