Should Schools Do Year Round School

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Should Schools Do Year Round Schooling

An issue that is hotly debated is whether or not schools should do a year round school schedule. Out of around 98,000 schools in the U.S, 3,000 schools are starting to turn to a year round schedule. Evidence shows that schools should not do this because it is hard to keep running, it is hard for people to work around schedules and it is hard for students to improve scores with periodic breaks.

One reason that proves that schools should not do year round schooling is because it is hard to keep running. When schools go year round they go into the summer, which costs them more money for air conditioning. In fact, the average electricity bill for people in the summer go up 4 to 8 percent. The
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For parents who work, it can be hard to find a babysitter for their children when they have a couple days off of school. McCracken had a mom that taught in a traditional school, but she and her sister were in a year round school so they were by themselves for a long time. When they had 2 to 3 weeks off of school it was hard to find a babysitter for a short amount of time (“The Pros and Cons of Year-Round Schools”). Additionally, most year round schools have 45 days of learning, then they have a 15 day break, before they go back to school again (“Year-Round Education Program Guide”). This schedule puts so much pressure on parents to find a good babysitter for 15 days only, then having to find another babysitter 45 days later. Parents want a good person to babysit their kids, and it puts stress on them to find a babysitter for such a short amount of time. Having a year round school can be hard for high schoolers to get a job. Many high schoolers have trouble finding jobs when they can only be in a job for a couple of weeks, before they have to go back (Morin). At the time that students reach high school, or even before kids are commonly looking for a job. If people start doing year round school where they have a 15 day break, then go back to school for a couple weeks before another 15 day break, it can be hard for students to get jobs. Students want to get paid and get a job, but when their boss sees that they will not be able to work that much because they will be in school, the students are less likely to get hired. When people do year round schooling it can be hard to schedule school events in the summer when kids play the most sports. Band and other extracurricular programs suffer from problems with scheduling out-of-school practices and competitions (“Research Spotlight on Year-Round Education”). In the summer when things get
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