Should Schools Have Dress Codes Essay

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School dress codes are a very controversial topic in this time of day. Should schools have dress codes? Should schools have uniforms? Or should schools just be carefree and not care about how their students dress? Dress codes have been all over the news, social media, etc. but how much do we really know about them? Pros of not having a school dress code, coming from a student, would be limitless. You would hear we can express ourselves, show who we are, save money, etc. but are these really the pros? Knowing me, as a student, would say I think dress codes are useless, but that was before I really dug deep and found out what dress codes are for. So what if a school didn't have a dress code, what would school be like? Well you would have the guys and girls that would dress to impress their peers. They would be wearing very short shorts, crop tops, etc. You might also have bullying from people because of the way someone wants to dress. With a dress code people have less of a chance of being bullied because you don't have the chance of being called out for wearing really short shorts or a shirt that shows too much. I'm not saying schools should have a really strict dress code where students…show more content…
If that will get the job done, and not make students get dress coded, then that is the way to go. Uniforms do have pros and cons but really thinking about it I would say more pros than cons. First of all, uniforms save you from the daily hassle of trying to find clothes in the morning and then worrying about if you will get in trouble or not. Some more would be, not getting bullied because of your clothes. If everyone is wearing the same clothes then no one should get bullied from their clothes. Just imagine waking up and not stressing and taking an hour to get dressed. I will admit I wake up in the morning and worry about what to wear and what people will think of my outfit. It makes me very self conscious when getting
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