Should Schools Have Later Start Time Essay

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“Sleep is that golden chain that ties health and our bodies together.”- Thomas Dekker. Schools should have a later start time because kids who have time to get ready in the morning and have time to eat breakfast feel more energized, more focused, get more involved in class, and have a better memory. Students focus better during the day with more time to sleep, more time to focus on homework, and more time to devote to activities in the evenings. These are reasons why schools should have a later start time.
The first reason kids focus better in school is from more sleep. First, if they have to get up early, they won't have enough time to do anything in the morning. They'll be too worried about being late for school. If they had a later start time they could get up at a decent time, not be so tired, have time to get things ready, eat
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First, they'll get more time to sleep in so they won't have to be falling asleep during class. Secondly, they'll get more time to do homework. Teachers give us homework to do and a lot of kids don't have enough time to do it, so they lose sleep because they're staying up late to make sure they finish their assignments. They don't want to lose points for not getting it done and they also don't want to get behind, so they stay up late to make sure it gets done. If students don’t get it done then they’ll be falling behind and they’ll feel like they’re whole life is now falling behind with them. Lastly, a lot of kids are involved in activities or sports. Not all activities or sports are right after school, some kids have them later at night and don't get done until 10 o'clock. Then they have to drive all the way home and get things done before bed. For example, they might have to eat, they might have to shower, they might have to finish homework and then they obviously might have to catch up on all of the social
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