Should Schools Keep Dress Codes Essay

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Why Schools Should Keep Dress Codes

There has been a long disagreement about dress codes. I am writing to tell you that dress codes should be followed in schools as long as they are not discriminating any group of students by race, gender or religion. You may be persuaded that kids should have their own opinion about what they wear to school, but the truth of the matter is to keep schools a safe environment we need dress codes. This paper shows three reasons why schools should keep dress codes which are they reduce violence and fights, students academic scores go up, and it allows parents and guardians to spend less money on unneeded clothes.
The first reason why schools should keep dress codes is they are proven to reduce violence and fights. A quote from the National School Board Association says that “Approximately 135,000 guns are brought to America's 85,000 public schools each day.” This is one of the reasons schools use to implement dress codes. A survey from the New York Police Department showed that
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A quote by Larry Wilder reveals that “68% of parents believed the uniform policy improved overall academic performance.” This allows us to see that after dress codes were required in schools parents saw an increase in their kid/kids grades. Another quote by Kim Schlauch says that “Uniforms/dress codes reduce distractions, allowing students to focus more on their academics.” This means that it is believed when kids follow the dress code they will be less distracted by the quality of their clothes or the clothes of others making it easier for them to work on their school work. The last quote by KIMA TV states that “The school uniforms create a better learning environment. Kids pay less attention to what they wear and can focus more on academics.” This shows that kids pay more attention to schoolwork rather than what they wear which leads to an increase in academic
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