Should Schools Leave No Elective Essay

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Middle school can be a hard time for most students, it’s also when us kids find out more about ourselves and that’s where electives come in. Electives are supposed to help kids find out what they want to do/be in life, and if they are reduced it would be like forcing kids to do math, science, etc. for a living. If a kid doesn’t have anything to do all school year or even during the summer, electives would help activate the kid’s interests. According to the text Schools Should Leave No Elective Behind, Bob Balmer states, “More class choices would benefit students in preparing them for their ideal careers and providing smaller class sizes.” Kids should have the opportunity to discover what they want to do in life at an early age rather than high school, because in high school it’s almost time to go to college and pick a major but they didn’t have enough time to try any possibilities. If a girl doesn’t have the average amount out elective time then she isn’t going to be firm on what she could do for a living, and when it’s time for her to make an income she’s going to be clueless in what she wants to do. Next, In the article Schools Should Leave No Elective Behind, Bob Balmer says, “I think that expanding the selection of…show more content…
By STEVE MCCLAIN says, “Students at my school are doing worse than ever on state assessment tests… Perhaps less electives are required in order for test scores to rise.” That is a false statement. Just because there would be less electives doesn’t mean that it will cause tests scores to go up tremendously, because if there are less electives it’ll give the students an excuse to mess around more because they are bored. If a student is the type who loves to talk, their favorite elective most likely takes their mind off talking. With less electives the student has nothing to do but not pay attention and talk, because they have a lot of unused
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