Should Schools Participate In Shut Down Your Screen Week Essay

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Should schools ban the use of technology? Does technology improve the human condition or worsens it? Numerous parents and teachers are concerned the use of technology during school hours is affecting students time of learning. A group of teachers and parents came together to discuss the topic and concluded with the debate if schools should partake in “ Shut Your Screen Week”. The real question is should our school participate or not? Technology has been around since the 1860s. Technology has many effects in our environment and has helped develop more advanced economies in our society. The use of technology can enhance and deteriorate the lives of many people especially students. In my personal opinion, I think our school should participate in “ Shut your Screen Week” The reasons I think our school should participate include using technology such as cell phones during class can cause distraction, the use of too much technology can be overwhelming, Spending hours on a screen can lead to certain health issues such as poor eyesight, and by decreasing the amount of technology usage it …show more content…

Person to Person Interaction is a basic human skill that is used as a form of in-person communication. Due to cell phones and other electronics students are instead using texting or calling as a there only way of person to person communication. Students are now communicating with one another through websites and popular social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram, or snapchat. According, to the website about 85.2% of students use social media apps as their source of human communication. Some may argue using technology to socially interact with one another is much easier and faster to use, however, by decreasing the human interaction you are decreasing an essential human

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