Should Schools Use Artists Music In Advertising

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Should the school use artists music in advertising... I feel as if they should be allowed to for different reasons because it grabs the attention of many young people as because that is what it interests them. We should allow them to use the artists music in advertising... Using artists music in advertising helps to create this video that will grab someone 's attention maybe because that is the music they listen to or maybe just because it is catchy. There are many valid reasons as to why we should allow this such as in interest the people to pay more attention to the advertisements. Another reason could be that it sells what they are advertising. It catches a viewers attention and draws them in. It creates a good vibe and good attention the the…show more content…
You will probably be more likely to get someone to get what you are advertising by putting in artists music then by not putting that in just because of they way that it will grab someone attention. Maybe because of the beat or they like the song or it is catchy. It will boost your quality. I also think this because me as a person when something is usually being advertised I skip over it but it is more likely for me not to if a song that I know and like or and artist that I know and like is coming on with it. It makes me more engaged to want to listen or watch that advertisement. One reason being I want to listen to that song and then by doing that I am also learning about what you are advertising to me. Making me put forth more attention to the main focus point. Making me want whatever it may be they are presenting to me. This is also creating more attention like I said grabbing that viewers attention making them want to listen. So at the end of the day I think that it would be a good idea to put and artist music into an advertisement to try and help what you are presenting to that person making them want to listen to what it is showing or

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