Should Scientists Be Allowed To Stop Animal Testing

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Should scientists be allowed to test products intended for human use on animals? Do you have a furry little friend that you love? If so then you too can understand why animal testing for human products is cruel and unnecessary. Some do not realize what happens to animals who get tested for the products that you use. Once you understand the facts about animal testing you to will feel bad for these furry little guys and want to stop this abuse. Studies have shown that 92 out of 100 tests on animals for our products don’t even pass through humans. This evidence shows that animal testing is not an effective way to test our products. Another test was done with 1,000 potential stroke products, those that showed up successful in animals (10%) were…show more content…
This we have little control over but the scientist do! There is a different method for testing our products and medicines. The modern methods are sophisticated tests that use human tissue and cells. These and other non-animal methods are not caught up by the differences in species that make applying the tests to humans hard to do. Now here is something you won’t believe, these tests take less time and money to complete, plus they are more accurate results. We need to put a stop to animal testing. It may be the traditional method but it is cruel, outdated, and unnecessary! We are on this planet together not for each other. We have new methods that are safer, easier, and more humane so let’s stick to these new methods and stop making animals suffer! If your pet had to be used for animal testing, how would you…show more content…
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