Should Sex Offenders Be Public

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Should Sex Offenders Name be Public?
It is debatable if sex offenders names should be public, some people believe is a invasion of there private life, “There is a real danger of vigilantism and publicizing their names (and the info required goes far beyond just their names) is an invasion of privacy of the wives, children and families of these offenders, which is an invasion of privacy no other class of criminal faces”( . Others believe this is not even debatable, that Sex offenders name should be public, period, “Once somebody commits a sexual crime, they have given up their right to anonymity. As a parent, I want to be very aware of the sexual offenders who may be near my children. The sexual registry list is a good tool that
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It seems that he knows about how police works and knows exactly how the systems for sex offenders name made public works. Shneider discuss with us something that a lot of people thing is unfair; How now a days every little thing you do like send pictures of yourself to your boyfriend, makes you a sex offender, people are worried that America’s sex laws often are too harsh for the offense. And so he said that after a sex offender is released from prison or probation, they put the person’s risk assessment. They are rated as to whether they’re a low, a medium, or high risk. And talks about how the newspaper only publishes the names of those the state says pose a reasonable risk of repairing their crimes. He starts his essay with a big story catching the readers ' attentions and immediately after that he talks about how a sex offenders probation works, making his point…show more content…
He docent took into consideration that “ having so many petty sex offenders on registries makes it hard to keep track of the truly dangerous one, and that the majority of sex offenses aren 't reported” (The Economist 656). In the essay of the Economist (2009) talks about public registers drive serious offenders underground, which makes it harder to track and more likely to reoffend.And registers give parents a false sense of security (656) . On top of that we cannot be sure of his credibility because all of the examples that he gave are from people that call him, so it docent have a name, we cannot be sure if these persons are even real. And he is defending why the newspaper keeps publishing the names of sex offenders even that maybe people docent what to give them more recognizement or maybe they are not really sex offenders. As a writer for the newspaper we can 't be really sure if his really wants to

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