Should Shakespeare Be Studied In Schools Essay

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Shakespeare should be studied in schools, many of us have mixed feelings when we think of studying Shakespeare at school, but regardless of our opinion of Shakespeare we speak his language every day. It is estimated that Shakespeare added around 1500 new words to the English language. Shakespeare challenges students and benefits them in multiple ways, with difficult language and style using timeless themes and emotions in his plays. Shakespeare should be studied in schools because of the extraordinary quality within them, this exposes students to a multitude of literary techniques.

Shakespeare wrote his plays over 400 years ago. As a result language has changed over the years, there is a whole range of different words. Even modern slang
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William Shakespeare’s works are still very popular today. He was a poet and playwright, his plays capture the complete range of human emotion and conflict. All his plays consist of brilliant stories. Shakespeare was recognized around the world as the greatest influential poet and dramatists in the English language. He was the founder of modern English, he understood the power of language, its ability to paint landscapes, create atmospheres and compelling characters. Shakespeare used extensive vocabulary, and powerful imagery contained within his works which demonstrate the phenomenal story telling ability of the English playwright. Exposure to these devices provides students with a broad knowledge of literary style and technique, while serving to develop and improve writing skills, which is why Shakespeare should be taught in schools.
Shakespeare uses timeless themes and emotions in his stories that are still relevant today, some themes include comedies, tragedies, tragicomedies, histories and romances. Shakespeare explains his characters point of views, their struggles and reasons without being judgemental. His plays hold intricate meanings and messages, his works are open to many interpretations and encourage students to use his or her imagination, his plays prompt us to imagine the complex lives lived by his
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