Should Shark Nets Work Essay

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Shark nets work

Can sharks, the predator of the oceans and humans swim safety together? No they can not, humans and sharks need to be separated and humans protected. I do not want to see anymore lives taken by a shark. The way to stop this is to have shark nets at our swimming beaches.

A shark net is a submerged net placed around beaches to reduce sharks attacks. on swimmers It does not always stop shark attacks, but it does help reduce them. A shark net is normally about 6m tall and 200m wide and floats below the surface of the water. They stop and capture the sharks in the net.

I believe that we should use shark nets more, because it keeps people safe and also keeps the sharks away from the swimming beaches. I believe this because people die from shark
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So if we have shark nets set up, people will not swim out as far into were sharks swim. Keeping both humans and sharks separated and safe from each other.

The top CSIRO great white shark expert Dr Barry Bruce thinks that shark nets reduce the deaths of people "Shark nets certainly reduce risk because they catch and kill sharks that have the potential to bite people," he said. A Queensland study showed that at beaches which had shark nets, there had been only one fatal attack since 1962 compared with 20 fatal attacks between 1919 and 1961 at the same beaches. So they do work.

This is why I think that we should have shark nets around our beaches, so we can keep our selves and the sharks safe. It also makes people feel safe, so more people will go down to the beach.. I all so think that we should tag shark more to study them for where there swim off to, and see if there have a swim pattern. With more shark nets and tags around Australia a lot less people will die.

Remember 2 people in WA this year have already died because of shark attacks, one here at Falcon. That is 2 too many deaths.............

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