Persuasive Essay On Single Parent Adoption

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A single parent should be allowed to Adopt: Research Paper Ignorance is one of the main reasons why there’s is a high rate of pregnancy according to the Myers Psychology for AP book. Teens are ignorant of the many ways to prevent pregnancy because they are immature and “not ready” for a child they decide to give it to adoption. Adoption gives the kids a new opportunity to start a new life with infinite opportunities. However, these children are limited by the law. Foster parents must go through a rigorous procedure before they can adopt and many times their hearts are broken after they either can’t adopt the kid, someone else adopts them or their real family picks them up. The statistics of 2016 reported 437,465 children in the U.S. in foster care more kids could have a home if only the laws would permit single…show more content…
Prosperously states in our nation want a difference States such as “California, Connecticut, Illinois, and Oregon allow unmarried couples to adopt a child simultaneously just as married couples do. In October 2009, U.S. Representative Pete Stark introduced the Every Child Deserves a Family Act in Congress”. This is an important factor yet that the federal government will restrain ”funding from states that discriminate against prospective adoptive or foster parents based on marital status, sexual orientation, and gender identity” declared the article “Should single parents be allowed to adopt”. However, there are also states like Arizona that “As of May 2011, Arizona recently enacted a new bill which states a preference that a child is adopted by a “married a man and woman.” (Unmarried Equality, 2013). According to the AFCARS Report, 26,166 children are seventeen years old at foster care the article “Unmarried Equality” states that people prefer to ”Adopt newborns and there’s a scarcity of adults interested in adopting older, special needs children, or children of
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