Should Single Parents Be Allowed To Adoption?

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Should Single Parents be allowed to adopt? The question “should single parents be allowed to adopt?” has been a controversial question for awhile now. Many people feel as if they shouldn’t be allowed to adopt for many reasons and others feel as if they should be allowed to adopt for many reasons. I’ve done my research on why and why not, the good and the bad and I think it wouldn’t be fair for singles to not have the right to adopt. Singles who want to adopt should have the same rights and opportunities just like married people who want to adopt. Single parent adoption is much harder than married couple adoptions. People think “well why don’t you just get married then adopt?” but there’s a lot of reasons. Someone may not want to get married but they want a family, they may be gay or lesbian and marriage may not be a legal option for them, they want to provide…show more content…
Reasons why people think they shouldn’t adopt because they think that will be uncap able of taking care of them. Let’s say the parent is sick, now who would take care of the child? But with married couples, if one parent is sick then the other parent will still be there for the child. Another reason is the parent might have to work a lot more to take care of the child which means the parent won’t be there for the child because it’ll be working too much. A reason that stuck out to me is that when the parent dies then the child will be orphaned. “When single men and women adopt, they are usually well aware that they need to plan for the unhappy contingency that they could become ill or very ill. Most agencies and attorneys want to know who (friends, family members, or others) can provide backup in the case of emergency.” To me, all this means is that the single parent needs to work a little bit

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