Should Sixteen Year Olds Be Allowed To Vote Essay

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Should teens at the age of sixteen be allowed to vote? Several people would stay yes; other would say no. This is a topic that has recently been brought to the surface, figuratively. Teens are shouting to law makers to let them be able to vote, but are simply not heard for reasons that make total sense. They are too young! Sixteen year olds should not be able to vote solely because they consider themselves to be mature and have political views. To start with, sixteen year olds are starting to finally identify with who they are, and what they like. They are still maturing. Some sixteen year olds are maturing at a faster rate than others, but that does not make them any different from other teens their age. It would be unnerving to witness some sixteen year olds vote; when they can barely make adequate choices for them self, much less for someone else! It can be complicated for them to locate what they want to wear in the morning. One fact that needs to be brought up is, political views.…show more content…
They are truly too young to be able to vote. Their minds should be worried how they are doing in their classes rather than who they want to vote for in the election. They should start worrying about voting when they have to sign- up for the military draft. For now, they should worry about who will win the game, how they are doing in their classes, and about their significant other. They need to slow down and enjoy what privileges they have. In conclusion, the voting age should not be lower to sixteen years of age. They are not mature enough, political savvy enough, nor old enough. Teens that are sixteen are not wise enough to be able to vote. They want to rush into adulthood, instead of enjoying the present. They will be perfectly fine waiting two more years to vote; what does not kill you makes you stronger. All in all, stay young and naïve, and do not worry about being able to vote or
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