Should Smartphones Be Allowed In School Essay

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“Children, put away your wands. You won’t be needing them”, - says Delores Umbridge, an old Hogwarts teacher in Harry Potter. As we know, in Hogwarts, which is a school for Witchcraft and Wizardry, a wand is essential thing for a Hogwarts’ education. All Hogwarts students, who are becoming great witches and wizards, spend more than seven years in Hogwarts to study and learn about the history of magic, defense against the dark arts, care of magical creatures and how to use wands efficiently in their school lives and after-graduated lives. Therefore, it sounds unavailing not to let students use wands during class for trying nor practicing. In comparison, a wand is like a smartphone in our daily lives. In this decade, smartphones are one of the most important electronic devices on this planet. Some Thai people call it ‘the 33rd organ of humans’, which represents how involved it is in our daily lives. Smartphones are used in every corner of the world in different cultures, different generations and different jobs varying from CEOs to students. Either way, smartphones are not…show more content…
There are so many benefits if schools choose to do this they have concisely using smartphones’ rules and their students have responsibility. There was news reported that a ninth-grade World History teacher, Ken Halla, succeeded in letting students using their smartphones in class through World Wiki application. The teacher also let the students turned on the music while the students were working on their own and the result turned out great. They focused more on working than talking. “The noise level in the classroom goes down, and the work amount goes up when you let them listen to their music.” – says Halla. Therefore, I would like to restate again that smartphones should be allowed in the classroom because students can look for more knowledge online, it is convenient and it can save
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