Should Smoking Be Banned In Public?

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Smoking: should it be banned in public? According to the New Zealand Ministry of Health (2010), young adults aged between 20 to 29 years have the highest rate of smoking. The WHO (2012) finds that on average every six seconds one person dies from smoking cigarettes. China is considered the largest country that consumes and produces cigarettes in the world. Recently, researchers found that tobacco killed around 100 million people in the worldwide in the 20th century, and this number is more than the figure of killed people in world wars I and II. Also, Smoking cigarette is one of the main causes of cancerous diseases. According to world health organization statistics, around 87 percent of the people who smoke more likely to have lung cancer. However, smoking does not have an impact only on the lungs, but has also a negative effect on the blood, cervix, and bone marrow and causes breast cancer. For those who smoke in public places, they are not only harming themselves, but…show more content…
Furthermore, there are a numerous of people who are smoking in wherever and whenever and they cannot stop smoking because they are addicted. Consequently, prohibiting smoke in public places it will be unfair to those people. For instance, it will be unacceptable for some people who are cannot stop smoking because it might be very hard to a person who is extremely addicted to prevent from smoking in enclosed places. However, smoking in public places causes many of diseases and negative effects for group of people. This is a self-selfishness when people feel comfortable and having a good time when they are smoking and another people feel uncomfortable and damages their health. And this is show who smoking causes a lot of damages in the non-smoking health in public places. Likewise, there are many of government in worldwide try out their best to ban smoking in public

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