Should Social Media Be Allowed In Schools Essay

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Social Networking should be allowed in schools because I feel like teens can communicate better online. Social Networking can get out of hand at a learning facility but if you make sure students understand your rules and standards then everything should go smoothly.
According to the Guidebook for Social Media In Classroom, teaching kids how to send emails and how to access website/links for projects can be beneficial for all students. Also, posting updates and tweets about important class information can always keep learners up to date so you have the best knowledge of what’s going on. According to the Edutopia Article, Facebook can be fundamental for promoting arts, projects, and other information. Twitter can help teachers post important classroom updates and can allow students to give comments or feedback. YouTube lets you expand your learning range because you get to watch instructional videos and how-to’s when learners are struggling, On blogs, you can read articles that help you learn or give students more information on a topic. Social Media can be beneficial to anyone because social media just expands student’s
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Social Media should always be restricted when it comes to learning facilities. In this article, teens are feeling more depressed due to using social media for the whole day. Kids who are more prone to using social media frequently are known to have low test scores and have low grades due to focusing on other subjects than the one at hand. Social Media can throw you into a loophole which causes you to be exhausted while you waste precious hours just surfing all over social media. Social media clearly is a waste of time because it's just a distraction! Social Media is a great tool for learners who want to know more about a specific topic or if students want to stay updated with what is going on around the
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