Should Soda And Soda Should Be Banned From Schools Analysis

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In the article “Should Candy and Soda be Banned from Schools?” by Tom Vilsack and J. Justin Wilson it ask two different people whether candy and soda should be forbidden in schools. Tom Vilsack is with soda and candy being banned from schools one of his arguments is that both soda and candy lead to child obesity. On the other hand J. Justin Wilson is against soda and candy being banned from schools his argument one of his arguments is that the government shouldn’t decide what is drank and eaten during schools hours. Although, both have good arguments, candy and soda shouldn't be banned.

Candy and soda shouldn’t be banned from school property. The government shouldn’t be the one to decide whether or not soda and candy should be eaten at school because no matter what they say student are still going to eat candy and drink soda. The obesity problem is not only to to the fact that student eat candy and drink soda
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Schools vending machines sell sweetened things as well they're never going to be healthy nothing in this world will be healthy unless they start selling fruits and vegetables. Instead on focusing on what students eat and what they shouldn’t eat they should be offering students a health class and teaching them a healthy lifestyle. The schools should offer more sport teams and not only one season of that sport but 2 spring and fall. Removing candy and soda doesn't make things any better because people like the forbidden and banning soda and candy makes student just want it more.

To conclude, in the article “Should Candy and Soda be banned from Schools?” it states whether candy and soda should not or should be allowed at school. Candy and soda should be allowed in school property. No one should decide for a student what not to eat or what to eat its up to them if they want to be healthy or
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