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Soda has thought to be an American icon since it was first created. It was only recently that soda has been viewed as being detrimental to our health and only in the last five years has someone attempted to take political action on this matter. But, the soda ban proposed by former New York Mayor Bloomberg, will not be an effective tool against obesity. The soda ban will not be effective because there are key contributors to obesity, such as fast-food, that unhealthy food is less expensive than healthy food, and the way food is advertised. As far as the obesity rates are concerned cheap processed food is a major contributor to obesity. For instance, when I go to the grocery store to buy food I always see discounts and deals for processed and pre-prepared food. And often these discounted “foods” are loaded with sugar (high fructose corn syrup, dextrose, and maltodextrin); I rarely see deals for healthy foods such as vegetables and fruit. A receipt from…show more content…
More precisely, people are purchasing food through the drive- through. So a greater amount of people eat calorie dense foods that do not give them energy, only a higher consumption of artificial sugar, greater than a single soda may have. For instance, a typical can of soda has thirty-nine grams of sugar, but a small size Refresher from Dutch Bro’s has fifty-two point grams in it and a small size McCafe Mango Pineapple Smoothie from McDonald’s has forty- two grams of sugar in it. Soda is far from the only thing that has sugar in it. In this day and age, everything has artificial sugar in it. Fast- food is dangerous due to its convenience, accessibility, and its low price. The soda ban will not be efficient because there is sugar everywhere we go and in everything we eat. Just because people consume less soda, does not mean they will consume less

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