Should Soda Machines Be Allowed At School

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Soda Machines at School!? Should Soda Machines be allowed at school? No, Soda Machines should NOT be allowed at school! This is going to be my important reasons about no Soda at school… One reason Soda machines shouldn’t be allowed at school is lots of kids are too hyper. Probably some kids aren’t hyper but they might get hyper because of the soda. Or maybe they have a sugar problem! Soda is like a big cup of sugar like the picture! Even though some Soda machines might have diet or no caffeine, kids like (love) regular soda! Plus there’s a water fountain at school, so if there is water in the soda machine bad idea! Kids might get a disease by all that sugar like I said before! Plus maybe you might have to go to the dentist more often.

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