Should Soldiers Get Better Wages Than Soldiers

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For the most part, people would agree that soldiers should get better wages than athletes. And I agree, partially. Sport players don’t wake up every morning wondering if it will be their last like our soldiers that go out everyday to fight for what's right. However, there are some very convincing arguments that will be provided, persuading you to start thinking different towards our fellow athletes. This will be done by explaining these three reasons: entertainment, hard work, and bringing money to our nation. Yes, soldiers may have their life on the line daily, but its for a good cause. This nation depends on soldiers, but you can’t compare soldiers with athletes, for they are two completely different fields of work! Athletes are the entertainers of this nation. They get paid for entertaining people with their hard work and efforts. Are you one of those people that sit on the couch on sundays and watch football all day. If so, then you know what i'm talking about. Athletes bring so much excitement to our lives ,and yet we still are not appreciative for all they do. How hard it must be to spend everyday of your life trying to be better and better everyday to suit the demands of the people. For…show more content…
If soldiers get more money for their services than people would join the army, not to fight for our country, but for the money. Soldiers would also get greedy with the money they get and lose concentration in the line of fire, and frankly soldiers don't need the extra cash. The government supplies lots of things after their retirement. The government supplies a very good retirement plan for those veterans that are retired. The things include: free medical care, free rent, and free food. So more cash for their wallets wouldn't be necessary. If you did some research, you would see that raising the pay for soldiers, just isn't
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