Should Standardized Testing Be Abolished Essay

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Standardized testing is used in all schools and institutions. These are tests that are designed in a way, which are administered and recorded in a consistent method. In standardized testing, all students are expected to answer the same amount of questions. These are exams that usually have multiple-choice questions. Students are given a certain amount of time to answer all of the problems. Standardized testing is usually used to compare the performance of individuals in a relative manner. Many teachers and professors use standardized testing as a fair-minded way of grading a student, since computerized scoring removes any kind of bias and subjective assessments that could occur between a teacher and student. This particular topic should be very important to consider to not only educators, but to the student and their families as well. Students often say, “I am just not good at…show more content…
After students have taken the standardized tests, their scores are then averaged up and published and the different schools are then ranked from highest to lowest score. Because of this, teachers and professors end up teaching to the test due to the terror of losing their jobs. According to, “it is unfair for schools to be compared because the test-takers are different sets of people, which cause a biased manipulation in statistics.” Educators neglect to teach students the appropriate skills that go beyond the classroom and tests, since they are now too caught up in preparing their students for these standardized tests. Educators are now using their time explaining the topics that will be a part of the tests, which leads them to forget to teach the students life lessons that go beyond the classroom walls. Another reason why standardized tests pressures mentors, is because the test results are used to examine their performance as an educator, which should not be the
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