Should Standardized Testing Be Banned Essay

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Why the SAT and ACT Tests Should Be Banned

Every junior’s worst nightmare, the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT ) and American College Testing (ACT). It’s such a stressful test where you have to cram everything you have learned throughout middle and high school into one standardized test to determine your college entrance. Many students do not perform well on standardized test which pertains only of general knowledge which is unfair to many students. The students should not be penalized for poor test taking skills, stress and anxiety which may cause them to score low. College admissions should not be determined mostly by a test that does not measure a student’s potential and work ethic.
Although college standardized testing may be bad, some say it has many good benefits in ways such as, showing the growth and academics that the students have learned throughout school making sure if you are ready for the real world and college. In addition to this “Standardized tests can help teachers and administrators make decisions regarding the instructional
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They may become stressed and overwhelmed by how many stories and problems they may be looking at in those next 4 hours.As they come to a problem that they dont know they might freeze not knowing what to do. They may stress about getting it wrong and decide to guess because of how much time they spent on that one problem. By the next problem they may be so stressed that they can't do much but upset themselves on how important this test is and how they are not going to get into college because of a low score. Statistics show that “standardized testing adds too much stress to student lives. Students spend a lot of time stressing over the SAT/ACT when they could be focusing their energy on more important academic and social activities that could benefit them in the future.”(“What Parents should know about Standardized

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