Should Steroids Be Allowed In Schools

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Kids have been consuming steroids in some schools and that the state supreme courts haven’t been taking the drug test serious enough. If you get caught with anabolic steroids you could get a 250,000 fine and you could go to jail. Side effects of steroids is acne, blurred vision, easy bruising, difficulty sleeping, high blood pressure, increased appetite, weight gain, and increased growth of body hair. Steroids in Sports shouldn’t be allowed because there are laws and health consequences that could potentially make you get kicked off of a team, make you end up in the hospital, or even kill you. So schools should start having more drug test and taking them more intent.
Should Schools Start having drug test more often? People have been saying that kids should have privacy and that students could express his or her discomfort with drug testing (Just Say No). Also they say that it is a law that kids could express their feelings and that they have rights (Just Say No). But I think Drugs in
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If people get caught taking steroids in high school then they could be suspended for a couple of weeks or whatever state they are existent in then they could be expelled from their current sport (legalmatch). So there are really bad consequences on taking steroids in high school and if people succeed those consequences then they will get in a lot of trouble. Also if they get caught taking steroids then they probably won 't play sports in high school. If people who take steroids get caught with steroids then they will get put in prison for second felony drug offense and would have to pay a fine of 250,000(National Drug). Don’t use steroids because people will get caught and they will pay the price. There are better ways to get bigger and more athletic but it will take longer and you won 't have to worry about getting drugged tested. So if you take steroids you will get caught sooner or
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