Should Steve Jobs Be Considered A Hero Essay

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The current day world is filled to the brim with technology. This technology continues to increase in complexity with time and causes the people who use these technologies to always be adapting to the changing times. However, this new technology has to have come from the brains of someone. These people who create these technologies are often praised and called heroes due to their achievements that improve society. One such hero is Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs should be considered a hero because he was able to overcome his unhappy and unfortunate adolescent life, help improve society, and further the technological world in ways never heard of. Jobs had an unhappy and not very successful adolescent life in contrast to his highly successful adult life.…show more content…
Steve Jobs is most known for the creation of the Apple Inc. empire. This now multibillion dollar company started with very small roots. It began in Steve Jobs’ garage with his friend and colleague Steve Wozniak. This dynamic duo sought out a way to make computers smaller and more geared towards the general public. Another focus of their operation was to make these computers and other pieces of technology relatively cost efficient. Steve Jobs should be considered a hero just for the sole fact that he made computers readily available for the general public at a reasonable price due to the sheer impressiveness of this achievement. After creating these smaller computers such as the Macintosh for mass consumption Jobs went on to create bigger and better technology such as the iMac, iPhone, iPod, and many other still used devices in today 's world. The iPhone should be considered Jobs’ magnum opus due to its lasting legacy. This invention is one of the most widely used technologies in the 21st century and it’s all because of Steve Jobs. It is because of this man that we have the modern day smartphone, and this achievement in and of itself should cause us to view Steve Jobs as hero because of how much our society has benefited just from this single
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