Should Student Athletes Be Paid Essay

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Should College Athletes Be Paid? The biggest dispute going around the college world today would probably be the argument about whether or not student athletes should be paid. There are people who do not think student athletes should be paid, and believe they are given enough money as it is through scholarships that provide money for books, housing, and even meals. A lot of people, including the majority of student athletes, believe they should get paid, or at least compensated as employees of the university. The National Collegiate Athletic Association or NCAA manages athletes by making a certain set of rules the athletes, coaches, and college organizations have to follow. If they break one of these rules, they may face serious punishment,…show more content…
These physical stresses can end up causing a substantial amount of mental stress that eventually effect student athletes academically. While struggling to be the best they can be in the class room and off the field, student athletes make millions of dollars every year for their given universities and create a name for their school which creates more incoming freshman every single year. Student athletes sometimes are labeled as lazy in the academic field, however they are graduating at a higher rate than ever while top football schools are on top of graduating rates across the nation. Student athletes do have a lot more benefits than those of the normal student life, but these benefits are created to the amount of work put into their universities. While doing so much for their schools, student athletes are only allowed a certain amount of money and rights, while not having the security of an employee of the university. Student athletes can be released at any moment during their time at the school due to something as simple as a leg injury that can easily happen while practicing every day. The NCAA has some changes to make and the student athletes need to stand up for their own
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