Should Students Be Allowed To Bear Guns On Campus Essay

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If responsible students have the right to defend themselves at home and out in public, then why shouldn't they be allowed to fight for themselves while furthering their education at college? College students should be authorized to bear guns on campus, if they are legally licensed to carry concealed weapons. In today's world you don't know what will happen to you each day and it is the sad truth that students have to think: what if someone tried to rob me; what if I am a target for carjacking; what if someone open fired on everyone? Students start to question how safe is their campus really is. One minute you could be in class taking a test and then hear gunshots down the hall or you could be leaving the campus late at night and be robbed while getting in your car. I strongly believe that…show more content…
Also, students are legally allowed to be armed and able to defend themselves and others in public and at home, so it makes sense that they should be able to defend themselves at college. The United States has millions of guns and most people who own guns and carry them are law-abiding citizens, like you and I. In addition to holstering a gun a person has to be licensed by the state of residence, so students will have training and knowledge of firearms and their power. In contrast, there are some people who strongly oppose campus carry; they believe that students having guns will increase campus violence and shootings, however, this is not the case. There is plenty of evidence, from creditable sources, that show that more guns there are, the less violence there is. Would a criminal try to attack people who they know are armed (or are likely to be armed) or someone who is not? This is why students should have the right to be armed at
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