Should Students Be Allowed To Carry Weapons On Campus Essay

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Students and faculty should be allowed to carry concealed weapons at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University because without them, they are defenseless against people who have weapons who can freely pass through campus on a daily basis, and even more so outside of the confines of FAMU. Just because they are not allowed to carry weapons for their own personal protection does not mean that other people cannot walk onto campus, pull out a concealed weapon (such as a gun), and kill other people, including students and faculty. It can happen at any time. Also, students and faculty have to travel off of campus at times, and sometimes they do so even when they do not need to leave campus.
The shooting that occurred at about one or two in the morning on the twenty-second day of October of
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Between the sheer number of variables – such as the adrenaline that everyone in the area would be feeling during such a dangerous incident, the weather conditions at the time, the number of people involved in the incident, the actions of the perpetrator during that time to whatever obstructions (such as furniture) that are present in the room and many more—it is hardly surprising that Famu’s police force is not in favor of allowing weapons on campus. The primary reason why allowing students and faculty to carry weapons on campus is a worrying thought to the officers that work here is that having armed students and faculty would make it harder to identify who the actual perpetrator of the whole fiasco, thus putting the lives of the officers and everyone else in even more danger as the officers struggle to identify who was responsible for the incident. A potential remedy for that problem is to make a new policy that requires officers to confiscate weapons from people immediately after they get the situation back under control. What if someone does not
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