Should Students Be Allowed To Use Cellphones In School Essay

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You are sitting in class and your teacher hands you an assignment. You’re sitting there trying to be productive and get your work done, but there are too many distractions. Have you ever wished that if you could have your phone to block out all the noises things will go a lot easier? Most students at this age have a phone on them at all times, but this could be seen as a hindrance and distraction in class. Although some people believe cell phones could have its benefits. It’s true that allowing students to use their phones in class could be distracting. Nevertheless, we should implement the ability to use cellphones in class. Furthermore granting students the liberty to use their smartphones as a tool. Thus, we should allow smartphones because of the resourcefulness and reliability of smartphones. Accordingly students may show more productivity. This privilege also allows students to communicate with others in school for school…show more content…
Cell Phones can help students get more organized in school and it also allows children to communicate with parents if needed. You could use your phone to also help you find information. Communication with other students presumably requires that the students will be texting in some sort of way. It is clear that this could become a very big concern, but this use of the phone is still a good privilege to have. It’s clear that most of the concerns are about the student breaking or abusing the implication of the cell phones. This is something that is already taken care of and they will not be getting around the rules or that freedom. It stands to reason that communication can help a student in more than one way. If there is a group project/assignment, students can always contact a group member if they have a question. Sometimes students are forgetful and we need a reminder, so communication between teachers and students is
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