Should Students Be Required To Learn A Second Language

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Learning a foreign language is often a requirement in schools across the country, but many students struggle with learning a new language. It can be difficult and time consuming to learn a new language but there are also many benefits associated with studying foreign languages. Knowing multiple languages can make students more likely to get better jobs and have a better understanding of the world. Despite this, it is still argued whether students should be required to learn another language in order to graduate. Many students struggle with learning a language for various reasons. It takes a lot of time and dedication to learn a foreign language, which can cause the student stress and frustration. This is especially true when the student does not have any interest in the language. Not having motivation or interest can make it very difficult to learn. There are many students that do not see any point in learning a foreign language…show more content…
Some students may see foreign language as an opportunity, while others see it as a nuisance. Regardless of this, it is still a requirement in many schools across the United States. Though it is a struggle for some students, learning a foreign language has more benefits than detriments. I believe it would be better to keep foreign language as a requirement to graduate in order to allow the students to challenge themselves and have the opportunity to see value in it. Learning about other countries, cultures, and people around the world will help students have a broad understanding and respect for different ideas and ways of life. Though students may not all plan to use the language in the future or become fluent in the language, they should still learn about new cultures and differences in countries around the world. It will encourage new ways of learning and allow students to appreciate their own way of life as well as the many others on our
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