Should Students Get Paid For The Year Essay

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INTRODUCTION “Meaningful and thoughtful appreciation, shows that you value a person’s efforts”. Personally I think it is a great idea for students to be paid for having good grades. Paying students for their hard work will give them motivation enough to keep performing their level best. For some people, getting recognition for their efforts, gives them courage to even strive to reach greater heights. Students should be paid for having good grades because recognition is very important as it is proven to make a sustained difference to one’s self-esteem. A student that has a positive self-esteem is generally likely to have a positive outlook on life. Students think of themselves as being worthy when they are actually noticed and paid for hard …show more content…

All of these will eventually lead to a better behaviour even when those cash incentives are removed. Cash incentives can be a tool to reach students financial literacy and setting goals for long-term. The objective is to turn cash incentives into some sort of a bursary program or if these rewards can be structured to buy other things and not necessarily be hard cash. Everything proves to have a negative impact; even the good and pure deeds can have a negative influence on people. As for paying students for their good grades, it can also be a very bad habit for them, in the sense that they might develop a dependency syndrome. Basically students need to understand that achievement is something one should be proud of and cherish but should not be bribed to try hard and do well. The classroom setting was initially intended for promoting effective learning and for students to be curious and explore not bribing them with treats. Incentives are not realistic at all because they do not continue forever and once they are removed students go back to their old behaviour. Rewards based on performance are very unfair, as you may find students who are naturally intelligent. While others have to put on hard work and still do not perform well, intelligent students earn money very easy and average students try hard and become

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