Should Students Get Paid For Good Grades

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Should kids get paid for good grades? This simple question is causing a commotion to many school districts. While some people agree, using money to bribe students to learn is not right. While it may seem to work, it can have a great influence on the schools and the students. Students tend to get bored of school, and in order to get their attention, some schools have decided to pay their students. While plenty sources agree with this choice. Paying students for higher grades not only affects their education, but also their personal lives. The idea of paying students for honorable grades isn't only unfair, it’s also a terrible influence on students. Students should not be paid for good grades because it leads to classroom problems, loss of enthusiasm for learning, and it teaches students that money is the only reward. To begin with, students should not be paid for good grades because it can lead to problems in class. The National Education Association states that "Several teachers also say paying students for good grades leads to practical problems in class, including pressure to inflate grades and conflict with students and parents." This means that not only is the students' education affected, however, their personal life is affected too. If they don't get the money they would feel depressed…show more content…
Considering the choice between getting paid for good grades or not. Students should definitely choose not to. Paying students for honorable grades can cause problems in class, losing the natural love of learning, and learning to get money only. If the schools don’t agree with this claim, it won’t matter because they are ruining the education system. Paying students for high grades is an unacceptable idea. Money is a reward to teach kids adulthood, although conversely, it is doing much damage to the kids. School shouldn’t have anything to do with money, the ability of learning is inside
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