Argumentative Essay: Should Students Be Paid For Good Grades

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A conversation starter, an argumentative topic, a controversy rising all around the United States - one simple question that has put school money to waste and forced students into the real world too soon: Should students be paid for good grades? Obviously, students should not be paid for the grades they earn because it will damage their love of learning and crush their creativity. Also, students who receive money for grades will no longer be self-motivated or find pride in a job well done. Students that receive a paycheck for grades will eventually lose their love of learning and crush their interest in the tasks at hand. The years that children are in school are the most influential years of their life, a time for growing,…show more content…
Some people say students being paid for grades can have a positive impact on their academic career. Khadijah Alfred, a fourteen-year-old at Manley Career Academy High School (MCAHS) says, “It’s awesome. I’m going shopping, it made me work a lot harder.” While getting paid for grades can quickly have the outcome in motivating students, in the long run, students will start to lose this self-motivation. Students that quickly become motivated by a dollar bill, eventually no longer feel like they need the money or even want it, and therefore falls back into their old routines.
With conversations started, arguments argued, and controversy settling; the question still stands - Should students be paid for grades? It is now very clear that students should absolutely not be paid for grades; they will lose their love of learning and crush their creativity, and they will no longer feel self-motivation. Instead, teachers and parents should pour out more positive encouragement into today’s youth, which will encourage students to naturally do better in school. Also, students should take responsibility and pride in their school-work, as this is the (easiest) fix to this rapid-fire
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