Should Students Have To Forgive Year-Round School?

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Have you ever missed school days before a holiday break to prepare to travel? Has the weather ever influenced your decision on attending school? Extreme cold weather can influence students and their parents decision to miss school anyway thus leading to unexcused absences. Unexcused and unexpected absences from school can gradually add up. That action can soon lead to failed classes. That’s why here at Euclid High School should not have to serve year round school. Due to weather vary, holiday vacations and mental breaks students will most likely become absent anyway.
First of all, because of living in northeast ohio, our weather can be various and can become significant causing drastic amounts of absentes. Would you want school to be obligated to attend even if it was -15 degrees outside? If not neither do we, that’s why we would make a reasonable decision to remain at home. Eventually those absences can lead to lower grades in school. When preparing for break dismissal teachers typically put an end to whatever they’re teaching at the moment. When an unexpected absent occurs regularly for a student it could leave them staggered in the lesson and possible enable to rejuvenate the lesson required.
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My solution is to take your child to a tutoring program during breaks if you’re that concerned. Would you want to spent most of your time in school all the time? If no then I suggest you My last reasoning for why Euclid should not be a year round school is because of personal reasoning. Like most students I, infact use my repeating breaks as an opportunity to rejuvenate my mental stability. Not all people are financially stable, some students use summer winter spring etc. break as an opportunity to make extra money to support their
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