Essay On Online Speech Should Be Banned In Schools

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Should Schools Be Allowed to Limit Students’ Online Speech? Say a child is at home scrolling through social media, and they find a hilarious picture of their teacher and they decide to send it to one person, their “friend.” Their “friend” then makes fun of it and blows it up over social media. That “friend” made it seem like they didn’t cause all of the upsetment, and the child who shared it to their “friend” receives the blame. This proves that limiting students’ online speech should not be allowed under the circumstances of having them get blamed for something that they did not intentionally mean to do. Having the students obtaining a punishment at school, would cause even more trouble, even “drama”. Imagine a kid gets punished at school and everyone finds out about it, then they would get embarrassed for the reason that everyone knew. So schools should not be allowed to limit students’…show more content…
She created this harsh profile over the weekend about her principal at school. J.S’ made fun of her principal on the profile she created at home. Someone saw that profile and told on J.S (Doc D). The problem here is that someone told on J.S and the lesson that can be learned it to not make fun of people. For her discipline she got a 10 day out of school suspension for saying something online about her principle (Doc D). That's not even necessary to give a child a 10 day suspension where they said something about the principle. The principle should take it not as harsh, for something so little they made. Because of J.S getting punished, the School District violated J.S.’s First Amendment free speech (Doc D). Schools shouldn’t even bother trying to solve students’ problems because they just make it worse. J.S.’s punishment can be controlled to juist her parents, she learned her lesson. These kids don’t know any better, so instead of giving harsh punishments, just solve it

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