Persuasive Essay On Free University Education

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The idea of free university education has been floating around for quite a long time now. There are a lot of people who strongly support the idea, and there are others who are against it. Over recent years, more and more people have been attending university and arguments have persisted as to whether students should pay for this privilege or not. This topic really divides the public.
Firstly, we have to think about that universities became more and more popular and it is an everyday-phenomenon to go to university after finishing high school. As a consequence, education is becoming more expensive to fund as universities grow in size. Some argue that making students pay for education may maintain standards and ensure the quality of teaching. If these institutions can not make a profit from charging their students, they can only make enough to cover their maintenance costs. They can’t invest in themselves and boost standards. Today, studying at a university may cost you a big amount of money, and you maybe can not afford that, but there are solutions too. You may take student loans with quite favorable conditions and we must not forget about scholarships. With the current student loan system, lenders are far more forgiving and the repayments are much
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If it is not the students, than it is the government, and if it is not the government, it is the tax payers. Making education totally free for everyone would mean the money has to be found somewhere else. It is impossible to deliver quality education without charging students. Some critics of free college say it would be too expensive to implement. The only options available to the government would be to raise taxes or cut services elsewhere. Moreover it would not be fair to make taxpayers pay more money to fund somebody else’s studies. It does not solve the big problem, it only shifts it onto another part of the

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