Essay On Students Should Not Pay For Grades

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Although the idea of coming home and finding twenty dollars, along with your A+ report card. Though you may be ecstatic at the time, the money you are receiving for your exceptional grades could be harming your own future. If students get paid for excellent grades, students motivation to work without a reward will be lower, which is a valuable skill in life. If students receive money for grades, they may feel pressure to get superb grades and may experience conflict with parents. Also, they may not have enough motivation to see lasting results in the future. When students go to college, they are responsible for their own education. Finally, when students receive money for grades, they will have a lower academic performance in the future. In the long run, there are negative aspects of paying students for grades; students may feel pressure and relationships with parents could get stressed, the money may not have lasting results, and students’ academic performance in the future could get lower. First of all, schools should not pay for good grades, since students may feel…show more content…
This is crucial since it is the only way that we will see lasting results in their education. According to Teneh Weller, who operates High Expectation Parental service, “..while it might reignite kids’ motivation in the short term, we need to reinforce their intrinsic motivation to see lasting results.” This means that without igniting students’ motivation to learn, we won’t see any lasting results, academically. If students go to college, the probability of them receiving money for grades is low. They will not want to learn for themselves because they want to get money for grades. The effect of this is that students will not motivate themselves to learn without earning money, which will harm their own future. Unquestionably, we need to reinforce students; intrinsic motivation to see lasting
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