An Argument In Favor Of Banning Cell Phones In School

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Smartphones are not making making people intelligent because of grades, and their discipline towards others. Students have their cellphones on when they are in their classes and especially when the teachers are teaching in the class the students are using cellphone. That’s how kids are unintelligent because they don’t pay attention in the class, they don’t really learn and just be on their phone. “Exam scores climbed by as much as 6% in schools that imposed strict bans on cell phones” ( Kedmey). This quote means that exam scores went up by 6% when the school banned cell phones for kids.This supports my reason 1 because in my reason i talked about students have their cellphones in class and because of that their grades dropped down, they don’t pay attention in the class because of their cellphone and their grades dropped down. And the quote that i stated explains the same think that when the school banned the phone the students grades went up by 6%. The students are so lost in their phones doing things like watching on youtube or being on social media. that they don’t what’s going around them, they don’t…show more content…
They are wrong because they don’t have to use their cellphones to help them with their work, they can use books, dictionaries, etc for that. As a result that book or article is banned across the district, or in some cases the nation. Not only is this wrong but it limits freedom of reading what you want in the classroom” ( Grosvenor). It proves better because i said that students can use books to help they don’t need to use their cellphones. And in this it says that books are being banned and it is taking away students opportunities to read. Students shouldn’t have their phones in the class for their homework and other classwork. If they are struggling then they can use books and their are also other resources. Phones are not the only things that helps students with their
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