Should Students Wear School Uniforms Essay

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Imagine a day in a school; you get dressed, pick some textbooks, pack your bag, and go to school. After entering the school gate, you walk along the hallway. As walking along, you’ll see every student is in the same outfit. They are indistinguishable because they all wear neat school uniforms. Although you look around and try to find your classmates, it’s not an easy thing. This is a situation of students who wear school uniforms. Whereas children would likely enjoy dressing they want to, teachers and education authorities would likely enjoy seeing students wearing standardized uniforms. Public schools should not force students to wear uniforms to regulate their students’ unity.
Many school uniforms are designed to be reasonable, but they
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In addition, uniforms harm free expression of students. By forcing students to wear identical uniforms, students’ desire to express their ability, preferences, personality, and creativity is not satisfied. Wearing school uniforms is a critical problem for students’ self-expression. The unique clothes are one of the most important ways of self-expression, but school uniforms do not let students to show their personality. According to a research, students who were forced to wear school uniforms showed many stressful emotional graphs and aspect of action. This is especially harmful when they are in a critical period of personality formation. Another important reason not to force students wear school uniforms is when students look different and express their outlooks, it makes them to be tolerant, and to understand other’s differences. If a student wore uniforms for several years, he or she cannot understand other person who wears different uniform. It makes students to lose diversity and tolerance towards strangers and people who are in a minority. Some say that having uniforms in schools can be an eraser of defined social classes. They think that students in the higher social classes only wear the trendiest clothes; on the other hand, they think the poor, lower social classes only wear the cheap and old-fashioned clothes. So they believe that wearing uniforms bring the social classes together and help to stop bullying in school. But this idea is absolutely wrong because it

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