Should Tablets Be Used In Schools Essay

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Should tablets/Ipads be allowed to be used at schools?

A survey was done on ten people where numerous questions with the regard to the use of Ipads/tablets should be used in the classroom.
The survey was done with a sample basis of mostly learners and parents. It was also split between male and female.
The questions used were on the basis of what would be considered positive and negative reasons for the use of these devices in the classroom.
A surprising number of people responded that the use of devices in the classroom would be a distraction. But on the overall there was a positive feedback on the questions asked.
Currently there are schools in countries such as Australia, United States, and China who are using devices in their schools.
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The amount of time spent on these devices could raise the level of their exposure to this problem.
It has to be accepted that in today’s world the use of devices whether it is computers, laptops, IPad, tablets and smart phones is a way of life for most children. Most children as young as 3 years have had a laptop, especially designed for kids. There is tablets; Leapfrog, which is designed to enable young children to use electronic devices to make learning enjoyable for them.
In my opinion we in South Africa have a well-developed IT infrastructure which could make a success for the use of IPad/tablets in the classrooms. But it could maybe only happen in the second generation.
It would have to be a joint effort from the students as well as the teachers to make it a success. What I discovered in my questionnaires and research is that positives outweigh the negatives. If we as a nation want to stay competitive in the workforce and with our Technological output we need to consider all the possibilities and opportunities available to us.
I personally believe that implementing tablets into the schools would be a huge benefit to all students and teachers.
Sunward Park High has shown it can be done, I believe we should follow their
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