Persuasive Essay On Guns In Schools Research

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You’re sitting in your classroom working on your math assignment and all of a sudden you hear gunshots. You hear another shot, your ears are ringing and you realize your teacher just shot somebody who wasn’t even the intruder. There are endless reasons as of why a teacher should not carry a pistol on them during school hours. Teachers would no longer be able to have relationships with their students because the students are afraid of them. Teachers can’t focus on teaching their students because they have a pistol on their hip and that’s all they can seem to think about. Teachers shouldn’t carry guns during school hours because if they do this, they can no longer focus on doing their job, create relationships with their students, and when it…show more content…
If you do the math, only 6.9% of teachers would want to carry a gun. Some students would be somewhat scared of teachers that carried guns, which stops relationships from growing and turns schools into not so fun places. Ms. Woodmansee said “If I carry a gun in my classroom, I can no longer do my job appropriately, which involves building relationships.” Teachers need to be able to calmly do their job and shouldn’t be anxious or nervous while doing so. Ms. Woodmansee also said “If I 'm carrying a gun, I must now view everyone as a threat instead of building bridges with them. After all, I 'm a tiny woman, and I expect about half of my students to be capable of wrestling my gun away from me.” The guns teachers carry could be taken and turned against them, or used on the wrong people. Having guns in schools could lead them to ending up in the wrong hands. Almost any two students could figure out a way to get a gun from a teacher, one distracts them and the other sneaks or wrestles it off them. In all, students shouldn’t have to be afraid of their educators, they shouldn’t be afraid to talk to them, and not all students should be seen as a threat to
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