Should Teachers Keep Tabs On Students Essay

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"Should teachers Keep Tabs on Students?

Should teachers and the government be able to keep tabs on everything kids do on social media? I think that teachers shouldn’t be able to read or keep tabs on their students outside of school. I think that the government should be able to look this all to a certain point.

I think that teachers should not be able to keep tabs on all students outside of school. If someone is getting bullied outside of school it shouldn’t be a teacher's responsibility to make that stop or try to help it. If a student is getting bullied through social media or cyberbullying I think that either the parents of the children should talk to each other to try and sort it out, or the children themselves try to work out the differences. If the student makes a threat towards the school or to put everyone in the school in danger I feel like the school or other people like the police should get involved in that situation. The parents know about more of their children's personal life and I think that could be a bigger help to solve the problem. Teachers
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The government can see everything that our President (Donald Trump) does, but I think they should cut back a little bit. The government should be able to look at people’s social media for good reasons, like trying to help stop someone commit a crime or if someone is making death threats and things like these. Donald Trump has his own personal life with his family and if he wants to post something about it on Twitter or Instagram etc. I don’t think that the government has any reason to look at that or tell him he has to take it down or things like that. He is an American just like the rest of us, he is the President and could be monitored more than the rest of us because he has to be a little more careful about what he posts so that it doesn’t blow up all over the world and get him thrown out of
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