Should Teachers Prevent School Shootings

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In the generation in which we live, it is sad to say that shootings happen way too often on public grounds, such as schools, malls, or movie theaters. Because of the growing number of massacres in the US, the issue here is whether or not teachers carrying firearms could possibly prevent school shootings. The problem occurs when studies are done and the facts are given about how one’s brain tends to react during such incidents. The argument in this article is trying to decide whether or not teachers should go into training in order to carry firearms on school property, in the case a shooting should occur. Another thought playing into the scene would be exactly how much training a teacher should have in order to carry on school campus. One side says that if a teacher were to have a gun, she could possibly kill the shooter, or injure them, thus ending the massacre. But the other side enlightens us on how our brains actually tend to respond in said situation. In a…show more content…
While adrenaline is rushing through your body, shots being fired are actually not likely to hit the target. If teachers were to carry firearms, it could possibly save lives, even if one has already became a victim of such a violent crime. According to the statistics, it’s civilians who generally put an end to shootings. I believe it would be a wonderful idea for teachers to be able to carry on a school campus, if they chose to. It shouldn’t have to be set in stone and make all teachers go to training to carry. I do wonder that if one teacher could have had a gun and saw the shooter in a hallway of Sandy-Hook Elementary, how many children would still be alive today? I know according to the facts, most shots miss the target, but what about if one didn’t miss? I believe it’s worth training teachers, physically and psychologically, on how to appropriately handle a school shooting, while carrying a fire

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