Should Teenagers Be Allowed To Obtain Birth Control?

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Nowadays, many teenage girls are becoming sexually active without the backup help of birth control. There may be many different reasons as to why; some girls might be scared, some might not know how to get their hands on any, and some might just think a pregnancy won’t ever happen to them. Nonetheless, it’s very important that young girls who are sexually active take birth control to prevent any possible pregnancies. Of course even with the help of contraception, there’s no 100% guarantee a girl can’t become impregnated, however the effectiveness of some birth control can reach about 99%. These days, the most common contraceptive used by teenagers are male condoms, which are sold at most drug stores; whereas other methods, like birth control…show more content…
If this method of contraception was made over-the-counter, there’s no doubt many girls will start to use it and lower their own chances of pregnancy. In Oregon, it is allowed that women over 18 can obtain birth control pills without a prescription, but that isn’t the case for the many others under the age. “People under 18 are still required to get their first contraceptive prescription from a doctor.” (Q1) It would make more sense to allow minors too to have over-the-counter birth control pills, considering it seems much more easier for an adult to get a prescription rather than a young teenager. Krishna Upadhya, an assistant professor of pediatrics claims that the possible negative side effects of birth control pills are less common in younger girls. ‘The pill is "potentially safer the younger you are," says Upadhya.’ (Q2) Venous thromboembolism, a blood clot breaking loose and traveling through the blood, is a possible side-effect of contraceptive pills containing both estrogen and progestin; fortunately, it is more common in older women, which is another reason why over-the-counter pills should be applied to
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