Should Teenagers Be Encouraged To Get A Job Essay

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Recently, the topic about teenagers should be encouraged to get a job is now being discussed by everyone. According to Youth Employment (2015), The Bureau of Labor Statistics, defines employment as any paid work by anyone who is above 16 years of aged. A teenager who is aged between 16 and 24 and is employed is mentioned as youth employment. According to Employment and Unemployment among Youth Summary (2015), shows that there is increased from 2.1 to 20.3 million about the number of teenagers who are employed from April to July 2015. Although teenagers working tend to have lower academic performance in school, teenagers should be encouraged to get a job because by working, these teenagers can help reduce their family’s financial burden and the work experiences bring future benefits to them.…show more content…
Teenagers who work are said to be able to manage their finance. This means the ability to work, save as well as spend their income wisely. According to Lowry (2015), as teen workers, they will realize the value of a dollar which is not easy to earn thus they will start having their financial management. They will be taught to open bank accounts to get a balance and adjust a financial plan before striking out on their own. Moreover, they can pay their own school tuition fee, books or their favourite things. According to Mortimer (2010), some teenagers will give part of their income to their parents which will help their families financially. Besides, the income allows them the capacity to purchase the accessories of their life and join in the costly recreation activities well known among their friends. By earning, these teenagers can buy their favourite things that their parents would not pay for them. Most importantly, they can save their income to pay their school fees to continue their learning in the universities or
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