Should Teenagers Have Access To Birth Control Essay

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Should Teenagers Have Access To Birth Control? Many debate the idea of teens, under eighteen, having access to birth control; it is a controversy that has presented itself in recent presidential and state governor elections. Many states have considered, and even attempted to remove funding from Planned Parenthood and other pregnancy resources to no avail. The argument has not been focused solely on teens, but anyone who seeks birth control or an abortion with the claim that, “you should not have sex if you do not intend to reproduce.” Teenagers are impressionable, no doubt about it. They’re human, and can sometimes make mistakes -- mistakes that are difficult to reverse. So, why are we not letting them get protection before it happens? Obviously, some teenagers do not even consider birth control before becoming sexually active, this is mostly because they are ill-informed of STDs and the fact that their chance of conceiving is much higher than they think. In fact, more than seventy-five percent of…show more content…
In March of 2013, the federal court passed the bill that allows anyone, regardless of age, to purchase the Morning after pill. People were outraged, especially after the FDA approved a drug that was later shot down by the Health and Human Services Department. (If Plan B Goes OTC, Common Sense Suffers.) The Morning after pill has been linked to heart attacks, cerebral hemorrhaging, arterial blockage, and other fatal side effects. (Is it Safe?) The rod implant, which is a method where a single rod is implanted into the arm, is known to cause irregular, and sometimes harmful bleeding patterns. (The Single-Rod Contraceptive Implant.) Parents have stated that they simply do not feel safe knowing that their children can access these potentially harmful drugs, without their
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