Should Teens Be Allowed To Get Birth Control Essay

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Birth control is very common in today’s society. Anyone from ages fourteen to fifty are using birth control. Young women should be able to get birth control pills without their parents consent because most teens are not comfortable with telling their parents they are sexually active. Teens can also be embarassed to tell their parents; they know they’ll be disappointed in them. Other teens may not have a good relationship with their parents, so they cannot talk to them about it. Birth control can also be used to regulate periods, period cramps, and can even cure acne. Birth control isn’t as evil as parents make it out to be. About 77% of teenage pregnancies are unplanned (“The Office of Adolescent Health…) , but with the help of birth control, these numbers can be significantly reduced. If girls are old enough to make the decision to be sexually active they are old enough to get on the pill without their parent’s consent. If these girls are old enough to decide to partake in sexual activity, they are old enough to choose to do it safely.Parents saying no to their teen being on the pill is not going to stop them from having sex. If…show more content…
After they do this, it is now the daughter’s decision whether or not to have safe sex. While on the pill, only 6% of females become pregnant. Some parents might say to just use a condom. There is a 21% chance of becoming pregnant while using a condom (Statistic Brain Research Institute.) Birth control is the best way to prevent teen pregnancies (Everywoman’s Health Centre.) Parent’s should be proud their teens are on the pill to prevent teen pregnancies. Birth control can be used for regulating a period, minimizing painful cramps, and can cure acne. Birth control allows teens to have safe sex. Plus, teens may be embarrassed to tell their parents about their sexual activities. For these reasons, teenagers shouldn’t need their parents’ permission to get birth
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